198x in Film

For some reason, we’ve decided to write about a load of films that come out each year. This was born on the idea that, as per an episode of Lethal Watching, that 1984 was the best year of film. So, wouldn’t it be cool to write about the films that get released that year as they came out?

Unfortunately that idea was thought up on January 1985 so just a shade too late.

However, as per another episode of Lethal Watching, the second best year of film was found to be 1985 so why not do that year?

So we have, initially covering 1985 and now venturing forward as each year passes. And, maybe, we’ll go back in time and maybe fill in the gaps for the years we’ve missed. And, just maybe, we’ll put them in an ebook one day all nice and edited.


1985 in Film
1986 in Film