Just about to put on this masterpiece of 80s television. I dont think there is anyone out there who could say they didn’t enjoy this when it was on. A brilliant extension of the films, yet completely different in its own style. For me, this is what 80s cartoons were all about.

I’m going to do a longer piece about why its so great, but right now I just want to watch it!

EDIT: I just finshed watching the 1st episode and briefly saw a name flash up on the screen: J. Michael Straczynski. He worked as a script editor and wrote many of the scripts himself. Apparently he also was responsible for the spec script for He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. On checking the fountain of all knowledge, Wikipedia, I’ve found out he was also involved in many of my favourite cartoons as a child, including He-Man, The Real Ghostbusters & Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors.

He also did She-Ra.

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