Lethal Watching Episode 3

We’re back and this week we look back on the career of Dennis Hopper. Due to his recent passing Gerard and Phil thought it would be fitting to devote a whole episode to the legendary actor and his great works. Then we spend most of the episode talking about Super Mario Brothers and Speed. Yeah. That’s how we roll.

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4 thoughts on “Lethal Watching Episode 3

  1. To the max! Great episode. I watched super mario bros strait after. Did you know that big bertha the bouncer with the crazy anti gravity boots represents the giant fish in the swimming level in the game!
    Anyway keep the good work coming and like your taking suggestions from your avid followers onboard 🙂
    I’ve just got the full police academy set downloaded. Fun and games for a while.
    All the best phil and Gerd!


    1. Of course I did! Glad you’re liking it all Cell. We’ll maybe get you on board sometime if you feel like talking about a random movie. You forgot to say which was your favourite Irish accent……


  2. Hey guys, another great ep.
    I seem to remember loving mario Bros when I was wee, I talk about it like its trach now, but I think it warrents a second viewing.

    As for Irish brogues, I seem to remember Richard Gere playing an ex IRA man in the Jackel. TBH, his accent wasn’y terrible, but it was so inconsistent and kept slipping in and out all the time.

    Oh yeah, and Sean Connery in the untouchables. Fucking histerical. (Still a fab flick though!)


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