Treasure Hunter – Ninja Assassin

Treasure Hunter is a guide, a guide for the new classics. Well, when we say classics…you get the picture. Bring me treasure!

Alright. I’m going to get the plot over and out of the way now; this film is about a Ninja who assassinates people. One of them tries to leave, the others don’t like it, they all have a bit of a fight.

Ladies and gentlemen I give you Ninja Assassin:

See that blood? That's barely a drop compared to the blood that gets spilled in this film.

Released in 2009 this film, frankly, was a bit of a bomb. Directed by James McTeague, it was another film caught up in the Wachowski Bros. backlash. This was, to put it mild, unfair.

There is very little not to love about this film. It’s a full on blood and guts Ninja film with a Hollywood blockbuster budget. Arms go flying, heads get decapitated, blood flows. It doesn’t mess about and earns it’s 18 certificate.

This is probably it’s greatest success, the lack of messing around. It gets straight to the point, which is generally at the end of several hundred ninja stars. It’s a film very much out of it’s time, the time it should have been released is the mid to late eighties. It has that vibe about it which, for me, is only a good thing.

The lead actor, Rain, is some Korean star but he doesn’t let the side down. He sells his Ninja skills and looks the part. The support is great as well, especially the main villain.

I’ll lay it on the line now; give it a few years and this will have a huge cult following. The action is great, the set pieces are well choreographed and it doesn’t outstay it’s welcome.

Bottom line, get it bought now. You’ll thank me later.

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