Treasure Hunter – Mulberry Street

Treasure Hunter is a guide, a guide for the new classics. Well, when we say classics…you get the picture. Bring me treasure!

Mulberry Street is a film that I’ll bet 99% of you haven’t heard of. And that’s a shame. Its probably the best “zombie” film I’ve seen in a while. Now i’ve put zombie in inverted commas and there’s a reason for that, which I’ll come back to.

Mulberry Street is set in………well, Mulberry Street, which is in New York. It’s a perfectly standard street in New York. People go about their business, exchange pleasantries when they meet each other on the stairs, stuff breaks down and they ask the superintendent to come fix it. Normal. Nothing out of the ordinary. Probably quite a boring place to live…….

Ah ha, but then you see that wouldn’t make a good horror movie, so where’s the rub? Well basically things are about to go tits up. And by tits up I mean, Giant Human Rat Mutant tits up. And then the fun begins. Basically what we get is these people trying to survive against Giant Human Rat Mutants and stay alive.

I’m going to leave lots out when telling you about this film because I think a lot of the pleasure is in watching it and seeing how good this small, independent movie is and how well it stands up against similar films like 28 Days Later, Rec, and the Dawn of the Dead remake. Why this film is better then those though is in the heart and soul of it. The people in this movie are real people, not characters in it. There is one poignant moment in this film towards the end that is just beautiful. You’ll know it when you see it.

Please go out and find this film. However, to find it here you’ll have to look for “Zombie Virus on Mulberry Street” as it’s tragically known in the UK. This is why I put zombies in inverted commas early. It’s not a zombie movie. These are not zombies. These are Giant Human Rat Mutants. Now why wouldn’t you want to watch that?

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