Treasure Hunter – Hey Hey 16K!

Here in Bad Education Plaza we like our music and we don’t just listen to the doyouinverts despite the threatening letters we keep getting. No, we like all music and none more so than when it’s a song about the venerable computer legend that was the ZX Spectrum.

Personally, this was my first computer and was one that shaped my love of computer games. So when I stumbled across a web page about a song called “Hey Hey 16k” I was all over it.

Released back in the dawn of the digital music age in 2000, it was apparently the first song released as a digital download. This may not seem that impressive these days but back then there was no iTunes Store, MP3 players maximum memory was around 5gb and Napster was only just being sued by Metallica. This was cutting edge stuff so it seems somehow right that a forward thinking release like this should be all about tape loading errors and Manic Miner.

And a great song it is too, full of warm fuzzy memories for the kind of people who developed an almost superhuman ability to adjust volume controls on tape decks as children.

Listen to it now and enjoy the website.

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