It’s a Manpunching World

There is a certain type of film that, for a certain type of people, is as important as the works of Shakespeare. When done properly it is a ballet of blood and fists and throwaway one liners that are burned into the soul.

These are films that can only be classed as Manpunchers.

But what is a Manpunching film?

If we go by the name alone then any film that has a man punching things would count. Things like Three Men and A Baby. A good film, don’t get me wrong but one that wouldn’t last two seconds in a real Manpunching film even with the crowbarred in drug dealer sub plot.

A Manpunching film does have punching. But it has punching that’ll take your head off. It has gunfights, car chases and, if you’re lucky, an exploding helicopter.

I am, of course, referring to films like Commando and Die Hard and Con Air and The Last Boy Scout. Films that have Men as the leads that have to do things that only real Men can do.

I wouldn’t be the man I am today without being Manpunched several times as a child.

Wait. That sounds bad. But the point still stands.

We will be talking about Manpunching films in the future, from the classics of the genre to the heroes that threw the first Manpunches.


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