Ooo, Heaven is a place on Earth

Here’s a special treat for you folks this week from William and Ally Lockhart, the creators of World’s Wildest Dudes, their brand new audio show!

Ooo, Heaven is a place on Earth

What would happen if Heaven was actually on Earth? Well it is now in the form of a lovely family friendly holiday park in sunniest…Scunthorpe.

But things are not running altogether smoothly at Heaven. God has taken a leave of absence and Jesus has gone AWOL leaving voice of God, Metatron as well as head angel Abdiel and human apprentice Tony to keep things ticking over.

It just happens to be the day of the coming Apocalypse, and with mounting financial troubles and some unexpected surprises along the way, how will they manage to provide the people of Scunthorpe with the theological experience they would normally expect in the afterlife?

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