Treasure Hunter – The Straight Story

This was on the other day. You should have watched it and if you didn’t you are a ninny. End.

What? You want more? Pah! Ok then.

The Straight Story is a movie that I can guarantee you can’t compare to any other film you’ve seen. It’s a wonderful, masterful movie brought to you by, of all people, David Lynch. Crazy David Lynch. David Lynch the genius. This is a story about family. This is a story about getting old. But this is also a story about what we can, and must do.

This is possibly the most “human” movie I’ve ever seen. I can’t explain what I mean when I say that. I’m not a writer. I don’t have a great way with words, as much as I may try. But to watch this movie is to see people. People in all their frailty, in all their strength, and in all their wonderful imperfections.

Films (fillums?) don’t often touch me in a deep and affecting way. I get emotional watching movies, sure. But do I really take anything away with me? Yes. Thanks to The Straight Story I did. And I’m a better person for it. You can be too.

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