You Know My Game – Part 1: The Rules

Those who know me, know that I am a keen gamer. Maybe even an avid gamer. It’s no surprise that when new games and consoles are released, they get my attention. If they are special enough, I will get them. However, I have recently handed in my notice where I work to pursue a lifelong dream career. As such, I will not be paid regularly, if at all to begin with. I have had to save my money to cover any bills and expenditures I may incur. Then, Nintendo released a new console called the Nintendo 3DS…..

This machine is special. I played it while Nintendo did a tour of the UK demonstrating it’s abilities. Boy, it’s special. The fact that it’s in 3D without needing any stupid glasses not only make this a games console, but a feat of technology. This is the future in my hands. This is something from Star Trek. This is magic.

I manage to hold off from buying one at launch. A few months later, Nintendo release The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the 3DS. It was a test for my discipline. A test which I passed. Everything was fine, temptation was subdued. “I can last without a 3DS”, my brain told me. In June, the annual video game conference E3, was held in LA, for the games industry to show off what they are releasing over the next year. I watched the Nintendo keynote address cautiously. I was every right to be cautious too, as they annouced a cavalcade of titles to be released on the 3DS, most of which being released at the end of the year. Titles like Luigi’s Mansion, Super Mario, Mario Kart, Starfox, to name a few. Nintendo have me sold. I knew that there was a good chance that I would own a 3DS by the end of the year. My head was in constant conflict with my heart; “You can’t afford it”, “I can get a part time job to tide me over”, “You wont have time to play it”, “Why is that woman staring at me?”, “Oh god, don’t say Im actually speaking and that this isn’t an internal dialogue!”

So, it had looked like Nintendo had succeeded in their job. I was just another lamb to the slaughter. All I needed to do now was get the money.

After a successful night at the Casino with my friends one night, I had an idea. I wondered if it was possible to raise the money from playing Casino games. I thought about this more in depth. How could this be done? I needed a technique. I needed a stipulation. I needed restrictions. I then recalled a book I read a few years back, which was all about gambling. That book was Casino Royale by Ian Fleming. In this novel, Bond not only plays Baccarat (as opposed to Texas Hold ‘Em Poker in the Daniel Craig film) but he also plays Roulette, and we are told Bond’s rules to playing Roulette. You can read them yourself in Chapter 7 “Rouge et Noir”.

The rules he uses are basically; “play with the wheel”. If we extrapolate the “play with the wheel” theory, apply it to colour bets, I believe this equates to; bet with the colour when there are two colours in a row. Rather than keeping switching colours though, it may be best to stick to just one colour. Bond also uses a method of betting on 2 out of 3 of the Dozen’s allocation. That way, a majority of the board is covered, but you will definately lose one of those bets. The odds to win though are 2 to 1, so you stand a good chance of making more money overall.

Roulette Table Layout

That’s it. That’s what I needed. I can use these rules myself. I will attempt to raise the money for a Nintendo 3DS by playing Roulette, using James Bond’s rules.

This the methodology that I will be using: I will play Red, Even’s, and two of the Dozen’s. I added the Even’s as an extra flair myself.

Now all I needed were the restrictions. I have chosen to start out with £20. This is all that I will use. If I end up losing this, it’s game over. My aim will be £300, to cover the cost of a new Nintendo 3DS and a couple of games with it. I have also decided to add a time limit to my gambling, as I do not want this to become habitual. I have decided to allow myself 1 hour at a time to game, with a maximum time of 5 hours. If I dont have £300 at the end of the 5 hours, too bad.

Its all in place. I have set myself rules, restrictions and a theory. Let’s see if I can win that money. I will document in this very blog after each session, and keep you updated on all the spins, wins and losses right here.

Please note, I am a trained idiot, and ask that you do not attempt to copy me. Gambling can become a serious addiction and should not be treated lightly. If you intend to gamble, please use caution at all times. If you are worried and think you may have a gambling problem, please click on this webpage for help and more information;


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