What’s up with me? Nothing.

Sooooo……it’s been a while, eh? A lot has happened so I’ve been a bit busy (that doesn’t excuse the fact that I haven’t posted in a while) to post much stuff. Here’s the main points:

1) I’ve moved back to Ireland. Yup. Home sweet home. Birmingham was cool, but there’s no place like Ireland. This has meant, however, that I’m without Internet for a bit. That’s contributed, partially, to the delaying of Lethal Watching, and the inability to do anything remotely website related. I’m doing this post on my phone. BT sent me my router today but the line isn’t going on until Tuesday. Hopefully I’ll be back up then. Also I have a garden that’s far too big and takes nearly 3 hours to cut. Joy!

2) I’ve gotten back into reading comics again after a few years break. I read the first 3 trade paperbacks of “Locke & Key”. They’re excellent but I’ll post more about that at a later date. Also set up a new subscription with Economic Comics – http://economic-comics.co.uk/ – a great online comic shop where you can set up a subscription to deliver. It’s very easy and I’d recommend it for everyone who reads comics regularly. I’m starting back with the DC Universe reboot but before that I’m also reading the “Flashpoint” Storyline arc which leads up to it.

3) Probably the biggest thing that’s going on with me is that within the next 6 weeks I’m going to be a daddy. Yup. Baby is due in less than 4 weeks but I’m fully expecting the wife to go over by a bit as that seems to be the way of things.

So yeah, a lots been happening and I’ve been very busy. I’m planning a few new things to post including a bit about “Locke & Key” and a new segment for which I’ve not got a name yet but look out for it.

See Phil, I do post stuff!


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