The Game of Kings: An Introduction

Me and Ryan Holland met a long time ago. I would like to say that the moment our eyes first met a blood feud was born that would make ordinary men cower in fear. But there wasn’t. I can’t remember what there was to be honest, possibly a mutual attraction but who can say.

The Game began later.

We should really thank Cineworld and their Unlimited Card. For the uninitiated, this card allows you for a monthly fee to see as many films as you like. You just pop in, show your card and there you go. Myself and Ryan both love films so we both had one of these cards.

I noticed it first, that much I can remember. We would both hand our cards to the person behind the counter and they would take mine first. This was, I soon realised, due to my natural authority. Compared to me, Ryan was a meek kitten who was rightfully ignored in my presence. It seemed only right, once I realised that, that I should track how many times this happened.

So began The Game, me and Ryan now locked in eternal conflict. I ran into an early lead, 9-2 at one point, then Ryan began to claw his way back, eventually overtaking me.

The Game was on. And then it stopped.

My Unlimited card ran out. Cineworld made the monumentally stupid decision to get rid of the normal kiosks and make you buy tickets from the food counter which ruined the flow of The Game.

It looked like it was over.

Or was it? Well, yes it was but what about a new game. A new round of battles between me and Ryan, now taking in every game. Video games, board games and…other games. These games would determine the winner, once and for all, between me and Ryan.

The Game of Kings has begun. And there can only be one.

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