You Know My Game – Part 3: Lady Luck and her 7 ex’s

Previously on You Know My Game; after the first sitting at the Roulette table, I walked away with £60. Three times my initial starting money. Now the game continues.

The last time I wrote on this blog (yes, sorry I haven’t had time to revisit the casino until now) I wrote about Nintendo helping me on my quest, by indicating a price drop for the 3DS- the goal of this quest. That cut happened, and as of 12th August 2011, the new price of the 3DS became £159.99. However, many places are doing deals allowing you to pick it up for even less than that. As per usual, Game are doing their word-fuckery; saying that they will sell 3DS’ for around £125 when you buy Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but not including the price of Ocarina of Time in that declaration. I asked a member of staff at a Game in Nottingham, who said it’s a different way of saying the price and it was a bit weird, to which I replied “yeah, just a bit!” before walking out of the store, feeling dirty. This was of course the company who sent staff out on “missions” to accquire the console from other shops, so they could sell them as preowned. Why did I expect more of them?

With this new information, I headed back to the casino. I have to say I felt confident. The last time I played, I finished strongly. £40 up. This gave me a little leeway and flexibility. A sense of security. A mistaken belief of calm.

I approached the table. The numbers seemed to gravitate towards the middle column. Unfortunately, there was no clue as to which my other column bet should go on. Out of the last 12 results, only 2 numbers weren’t in the middle column- one in the 1-12 column, the other in the 25-36 column. In other words, one low and one high. I put £20 down for betting. I went for £10 bets in the low and middle dozens. Sure enough, another middle result came around. Excellent. I repeated the bet again. 27. Damn. I had £10 left. I put £5 on the middle and high number dozens, thinking the table was going for that result. 7.

What just happened? The table was not settling for noone. I sat out a few turns. The numbers that came next, I have never ever seen happen on a roulette table. And I mean, never….. EEEVER! The number that came out next was a 7. Twice in a row, sure. That’s possible. The next number; 7. Three times in a row. Also, being the number 7 too, the superstitionalists began watching the table with a keen eye. I thought to myself that the table must now have settled into a rhythm. That high 27 was just an unlucky fluke. I put another £20 into play, and once more went for £10 on low and middle dozens, as they had now been the prevalent numbers. The next number was another 7. I shit you not. Four 7s in a row. I repeated the bet again. The next result was 27. I got screwed over good and proper.

It was time that I sat out and did a little damage control on what had just happened. I had £10 left, after putting £40 into the game. I have just £10 of my profit from the excellent win from earlier in the month. I resolved to myself, whatever happens now, I will keep the original £20 in my pocket. As we all know, if that goes, game over. I then thought about the last set of results; 27, 7, 7, 7, 7, 27. What the hell? I don’t think anyone knew what was going on there. 7 was supposedly a good luck number. Hence all the superstitions around it. Well not for me.

I waited for a few rounds to see where the numbers gravitated, and decided to go low and middle dozens when I was satisfied with the outcomes. 5 came up when I rejoined the action, giving me £15 to play with. I needed to play with £10 bets once more, so I put the spare £5 chip on to the Red colour in addition to the same dozens bet as previously. 35. 35 is a Black number in the high dozen. 35.

I left the table, licking my wounds and still fascinated by the events I saw at the table. It wasn’t impossible, obviously as it happened. It was just so…. improbable. I was left back at square one, £20 and a hope. The only difference now is that I have only 3 hours left to do it now. It turned out that Lady Luck was just another woman I seemed to have pissed off, and added her name to the evergrowing list of women who dislike me.

I took a beating this time. But there is one thing that I must take with me, from all this- I will be back.

I will return.

As always: I am a professional loser. Do not imitate me. Instead look to someone else as a role model, like Superman. Gambling can become a serious addiction and should not be treated lightly. If you intend to gamble, please use caution at all times. If you are worried and think you may have a gambling problem, please click on this webpage for help and more information;


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