The Martin Kilbane Show Episode 3

Halfway through the series already.

In this episode; James Bond takes a nice relaxing drive, we meet a few Daleks who talk about what they do in their spare time, the truth about power dressing for interviews is unveiled, Noel Edmonds gives out some of his Christmas Presents and Martin does his version of Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car.

As ever you can click here to download the track or play it in the player below.

Don’t forget you can subscribe to the show via iTunes by clicking here.

2 thoughts on “The Martin Kilbane Show Episode 3

  1. Love the daleks bloody funny, pissed myself with the fast car cover. Keep up the good work. PS can’t download epsiode 1 for some reason. PPS have you recovered from drinks on your last day yet?


    1. Thank you for listening. Glad you’re enjoying it. Episode 1 may be taking a while to download as it’s a wav file. If you’re still having trouble, go to the iTunes link ( and you should be able to play it from there.

      Also, I have just about recovered from that last day drinkathon. I’ll be putting my name on the list for a new liver next year! Hope you and yours and all at chambers are well!


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