You Know My Game – Part 5: Good Game, Good Game

Previously on You Know My Game; a quiet table meant I had no movement with regards to my goal; to win £300 to pay for a Nintendo 3DS. I was still on £20 with 2 hours remaining.

My mood at this point was not good. The chance of me reaching my goal was looking less and less likely. I had to think and reassess. £300 was too far off, as I would need to leave the casino with £150 each for the remaining times I have left. That was 2 and a half times more than what I had originally targeted to leave the casino with each visit. I had to change the goal.

As I mentioned in an earlier part, Nintendo had reduced the price of the Nintendo 3DS to around £159.99. This seemed like an accomplishable goal. £160, which meant that I would have to leave the casino with £80 jangling in my pocket each time. I knew previously I had allotted myself some money to be able to buy games with, but at this point, my thinking was to cross that problem when we get there. The main target is that we actually get the console first, then we can worry about the games later.

Once again, I walked up those very familiar steps to the casino. As soon as I got in there I was relieved. It was much more busier than the last time I had visited. I scoped around, looking at the past results over each of the tables in action. Both were pretty even, apart from one of the tables having had a 0 result recently. I chose to sit at this table with the hopes that it would not be due again for some time, as the 0 result meant that the only winners were the people who actually bet on that 0. All other bets- whether they were columns, dozens, or colours- are lost.

The last few results on the table were mixed. In fact, I couldn’t really sort the results out so that I could apply my methodical betting to it. I decided to wait, feeling that the results were just in a transitional phase. So I waited, and waited. It was about five or ten minutes before I actually placed my first bet. As the table was busier, the game was able to proceed without me until I was ready. I think if anybody did see me, they probably did think I was a bit weird (not far from the truth to be honest) as I was just standing there with my gaze shifting from the electronic results screen, to the table, to the wheel, then back to the screen, then the table again. This repeated triangulation kept me focussed for quite a while.

Finally, I placed my first bets; two £5 chips on middle and high dozens. The betting was closed, and the ball was set off to find a number. Red 30 came up, and I had £25. I knew I had to make some big decisions now. Playing slow and steady previously didn’t work for me. It was time to go balls to the wall. I placed £10 bets on the middle and high dozens this time. If a low number came out, it would leave me with £5. My pulse was racing faster than the ball travelled around the Roulette wheel. It finally stopped- the ball not my pulse, obviously- and finished on Red 36. Jurassic Park, I had £35.

Now I had to make an important decision. Do I do it again, balls to the wall style, and place £15 bets on each dozen? I thought a bit more, as there was a good chance that the numbers would start to change again soon. I sat out of the next round as a result. This would be a bad decision as Black 13 came out, and I would have won.

I tried to clear that thought out of my mind, and decided to bet this round. This of course was completely opposite to my previous logical thinking. I knew the change was imminent, yet I still decided to bet, but just put £10 bets on the middle and high dozens. This way, if a low result came up, I would still have £15 so that I could do some damage control if needs be. This was not needed though, as Red 36 came up once again.

I was £45 up now. I decided to sit out a few turns and see if the results started to change. My foresight helped me for once, as the next number was a Black 8, and the following result was Black 31. I rejoined the game and placed £20 bets on low and high dozens. Balls to the wall once again, I feared it would be a middle dozen number. The roulette ball stopped in a number, but the wheel was still spinning to fast to read. Gradually, it slowed down, revealing that it was a Black number once again, then finally showed me the number; 2. I had won again and now stood at £65.

This was the best result I had since the beginning. Although my target was to leave with £80, I had had enough and left to cash in. It wasn’t over by a long shot, I still had £95 to win and next time I would start with £65. That means I would be able to bet larger amounts immediately as I begin, rather than having to build up the funds to make bigger bets.

I left the casino a happy man, but as soon as I left, I stopped. My happiness changed to anticipation. The target was now in sight and I knew what had to be done. However, I didn’t know what would be in store for me. The endgame had begun…

Gambling can become a serious addiction and should not be treated lightly. If you intend to gamble, please use caution at all times. If you are worried and think you may have a gambling problem, please click on this webpage for help and more information.


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