You Know My Game – Part 6: Endgame

Previously on You Know My Game: I left the casino with £65, which was the best finish I had had since beginning. My goal was now to win £160 in an hour, so that I could buy a Nintendo 3DS.

It’s funny how the end always sneaks up on you. It doesn’t seem long since I started this whole adventure, but now you are about to read the final part of this challenge.

As I walked into the casino, I knew that the time had come and the endgame was about to begin. The goals were set. I needed £160 by the time I leave the casino, or rather £95 more than what I currently had. There were no second chances this time. It had to be done today. I approached the roulette tables and did what was now a routine for me; to check the previous results and decide which was the kindest table. I chose a table, got my chips ready and went straight into action. With no messing about, I decided to put £20 bets on the low and high dozens, which reflected the previous results. Not long after placing my bets, the croupier closed the table to bets and set the wheel spinning. The result came in; Black 24.

This was a bad result, as Black 24 was in the middle dozen. I had lost £40 on my first bet. This was a disaster. At least I still had £25, but right now I had to take a break and get over what had just happened. This was just bad timing, I was telling myself whilst sipping on a gin and tonic. At least while I sat out, it allowed the table to get back into some sensible pattern again.

After a few spins of the wheel and a rather nice gin and tonic, I rejoined the game. Ready once more, I decided to put £10 bets on low and middle dozens. Now I was really feeling the pressure, more than ever before. I have seen people lose hundreds, even thousands on tables like these. They were dull to the emotions of the winning and losing of the game. I wondered what they got out of the game now? They didn’t get the same adrenaline rush that I did and yet they were playing for more money. They were soulless. The wheel span, they couldn’t be less interested. I was glad not to be quite like that yet. The result came in; Red 5. I was excited, as I was back in the game. The soulless provided no emotions.

These two had more emotions than that of a professional gambler.

Now I had £35, I began to think of my strategy from now on. I could see only one strategy, a strategy that worked well for me in the past; balls to the wall. If I wanted to get £160, I would have to make every bet count. I began by putting £15 bets this time, on the low and middle dozens. I was nervous this time. Anything could happen. The wheel was set in motion and the ball began to tease us gamblers once more, until its final rest; Red 18. Now I had £50. I was about to collect my chips when some fool, who put a bet on the high dozen before walking to another table, returned and pointed at my winning chips saying “Are these mine?” I said out loud- actually quite loud, truth be told- “NO, THEY’RE MINE!”  whilst thinking to myself “Hands off dickhead!”. He sighed and walked away. I once again thought to myself “Yeah, you walk away dickhead!”

Another round of betting began and I placed my bets once more. This time, in accordance to the balls to the wall strategy, I put down £25 bets on the low and middle dozens. This was the highest bet I had ever made, which was a risk. I knew that the time was coming for a change in the results. Anytime soon, a high dozen result was bound to emerge. Not this time, I resolved to myself, not this time. If a high result came up now, I would be bust. Game over. The croupier closed the table and my eyes followed the bouncing roulette ball, eager to be the first to know whether I was going home or not. The result came in; Black 22. I was still in the game and now had £75.

I decided to take a break for a few spins, as I knew that high result was imminent. To be exact it occurred on the second spin after I decided to take a break. I allowed the table to settle down once again and rejoined the action a few spins after.

With £75 in hand, I placed two bets of £35 on the middle and high dozens. This was getting serious. I no longer paid attention to anybody else around the table. There could have been a fire alarm go off and I wouldn’t have noticed. The croupier set the ball rolling, and it hopped and skipped into place. Red 30. This turned out to be a jolly nice place for the ball to rest in, as it made me £110.

I was getting closer to my target. Now I was only £50 away, it finally seemed like this was actually possible. I thought about my last bet and looked at the previous results. The last few results were both Red colours. I thought about my bet. If I were to split my winnings and put £55 bets on to the dozens, the highest amount I stand to win would be £165. However, if I decided to put just £45 on to the dozens, then with the last £20 bet on Red, I actually stand to make £175. This was a gamble, but that was the name of this hobby.  So I put £45 bets on to the middle and high dozens, leaving £20 to go on Red. I watched my stacks of chips on the table. It was like some strange war game, with columns of cylindrical disks representing some faithful army, on a battleground of green, red and black.  Each person who stood around the table acting as generals, wondering which troops will stay with them, or which ones they will lose. The battleground was closed, no more troops were allowed to invade. The deciding wheel began its motion, followed by the ball moving in the opposite direction. As the ball jumped around the wheel, it made a series of clacking noises, until the inevitable silence. The result came in; Black 28. A strange result for me, not all of my troops made it home, but I got most of them back.

Following on from that bittersweet win, I was still up and had £135. Then the unbelievable happened. As I thought about my next bet, I looked at my watch. I had been in the casino for 65 minutes.

When I created this challenge, I specifically put a time limit in place for a few reasons. I wanted this to be entertaining and also a challenge, something that I would have to work for. Also, I did not want this to become a habit. So I specifically made a rule of this challenge being no longer than 5 hours, or rather 5 hour long casino visits. Unfortunately, my time at the casino had ran out. With £135, a mere £25 away from my goal, time had concluded my challenge. It’s funny how the end always sneaks up on you.

“Someone once told me that time was a predator that stalked us all our lives, but I rather believe that time is a companion, who goes with us on the journey and reminds us to cherish every moment, because they’ll never come again.”


Mission failed.




Game Over








Well…. not quite.


I did indeed leave the casino that day with £135, but although it wasn’t £160, my luck was still with me. Remember I said I completed this challenge a few months ago. The challenge actually ended when Amazon were still doing Nintendo 3DS’ for £115. It gets better too, as Amazon were also doing a special bundle where you could pick a game of your choice out of certain selection, for £20 extra. So, you could actually buy a Nintendo 3DS with Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, for only £135.



Mission accomplished.


Please remember, although this may have seemed easy, it really wasn’t. I understood the risks before play each time. If you do gamble, please remember you can have fun, but do not gamble with money unless you are sensible and aware of the risks. Gambling can become a serious addiction and should not be treated lightly. If you intend to gamble, please use caution at all times. If you are worried and think you may have a gambling problem, please click on this webpage for help and more information.

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