Office Attack – Review


A review of Office Attack I wrote for the website

Working in an office is boring, let’s be honest. There’s things that you can try to make it less boring, but one you shouldn’t hope for is having to defend yourself against waves of attacking enemies who want you dead.

Office Attack was made in 48 hours. Just think about that for a moment. A group of people sat down and made a game in two days. What did you do over the last couple of days? Exactly.

The short development time does mean that Office Attack is a simple game; each level is a desk, bad guys swarm down from the top of the screen to the bottom, if they cross a line at the bottom then it’s game over. How do you defend yourself? With your finger. You stab the enemies with your finger, stab stab stab, the more you kill in a row your MEGAPUNCH bar fills up. Now, it’s important for that to be in capitals as when your MEGAPUNCH bar fills up you hit the MEGAPUNCH button which brings down a giant fist that kills everything in the screen. It’s quite satisfying.

That’s pretty much it. There are three different levels but these are essentially different backgrounds. As you get further into the game more enemies swarm down and get faster and faster. This isn’t a game that will suck you in with it’s fathomless depths, it’s a game that is built around you beating your top score.

There’s nothing wrong with that and for a game made in two days it looks pretty good. Office Attack looks like a well made, professional game on the iPhone 4’s retina screen. The only issue with the graphics is the giant stabbing hand that comes down whenever you kill an enemy. It is only there for a fraction of a second but it blocks part of the screen; it’s manageable in the early part of the game but as it goes on and you’re killing more enemies the hand starts to become more annoying.

That’s the one real issue with the game — a game that was made in two days — and, let’s be honest, you can’t ask for more than that considering that a lot of games with far more time and money spent on them have a lot more flaws. The app store is full of wannabe-triple-A-games that crash as soon as you load them let alone play them. Office Attack doesn’t which is something that should be commended.

So what we have here is a nicely made, simple game with a good art style that plays well. Having Game Center built in helps to bring you back, as no one wants their friends to be above them on leader boards.

Office Attack is nothing spectacular but it’s well worth giving it a go.

Three stars out of five

Originally published July 30th 2011



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