Burn The Rope Worlds – Review


Burn The Rope. Burn. The. Rope.

You may have seen this before at SquareGo and it can be summed up as follows; you have to Burn The Rope. A simple idea decently executed that is back again in Burn The Rope: Worlds, this time with some extras. So do we welcome it back with open arms or is it more like that dodgy cousin with a suspect criminal record that won’t leave after Christmas?

As noted, the game is very simple. You are presented with a rope which you have to burn. The rope isn’t necessarily in a straight line; it could be a circle or a palm tree or any other shape that you can make out of a rope. The trick to the game is that the flames prefer to travel upwards so to fully burn the rope you have to rotate your iPhone (or iPad) around and around to make sure that you can burn all of the rope.

Simple. Ish.

Factor in coloured ropes that will only burn with flames of the same colour, enemies on the ropes and multiple flames make it harder to get the 100% clearance for each level. It’s one of those concepts that fits very well with the hardware, both complementing each other. But if you already own the game you already know this because you’ve already played this game; what is there new to tempt you back for another purchase?

Well, you get a load of new levels set in different worlds; the art style remains the same, it’s nice to look at and doesn’t get in the way if playing the game. You also get a new game mode in the shape of Endless Burn. Well, they say new but it’s Snake. You control a flame, in the same way as you would in the main game, and have to collect bugs in the level. When you collect a bug your flame grows longer and if you touch yourself or the walls then it’s game over. So it’s Snake in all but name.

That’s pretty much it. Should this have been an “in App” purchase or an update to the original game? That’s hard to say as it’s difficult to draw a line when one should be done over the other. It’s always great to see developers support games on the App Store but a whole new app is a great way to get new players. It’s one of those debates that will never really go away. Unless the App Store does. Which it won’t.

If you’re thinking about buying Burn The Rope Worlds then there is a very simple question you need to answer; do I already own Burn The Rope? If the answer is yes then don’t bother picking this up; you already own it and for the money you can buy a much much better version of Snake elsewhere. If you haven’t already purchased it then go for it, what you will find it a well designed little puzzle game that, with the daily puzzles you get, will last you a fair old while.

Three stars out of five

Originally published October 15th 2011

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