Aeon Command – Review

A review of Aeon Command I wrote for the website

Space is a vast thing which, according to popular science fiction, is full ofaliens and lasers and lots of things blowing up. In Aeon Command you see a lot of these things, nearly all of them at the same time… And then they’ll blow up some more… And something else will explode… Then something else… But all in a very enjoyable way.

The basic premise of Aeon Command is simple; you have your mothership, way over there is your enemy’s mothership. Around you are several asteroids which you can harvest for resources to then use to build machines with guns on them.  When you promptly fly these off towards the enemy, (who is doing the same thing as you),  battle is met and whomsoever blows up the other’s mothership wins. Phew!

The game is viewed from above with pretty a simple 2D design but that’s all the game really needs. Each ship has a distinctive look which help you to pick them out when then space carnage begins. It throws around some nice effects but nothing too flashy as the game doesn’t need anything too over the top.

The trick to Aeon Command is using your resources effectively in order to overwhelm your opponent; mining ships break down steroids into energy, each ships cost a certain amount of that energy to produce, the more powerful the ship the more it costs. Of course, your opponent is working to a similar basic plan in order to wipe you out first.

Aeon Command mixes things up by giving you skills that you can use mid battle, like healing your ships or freezing all of the opponent ships. There are also items dropped by vanquished enemy ships that can give your resources a boost, that’s when you can pick them out from the crowd of lasers of debris. These items can also be used in the upgrade system that can be used to improve your skills and ships which encourages you to keep on plugging away at the game.

Whilst there are these wrinkles to the the game is does generally come down to the same idea; build more things than your opponent quicker and throw them at them. The game gives you objectives to complete but all of it boils down to building things and throwing them against other things until you win or lose.

But if you’re okay with that then Aeon Command will keep you playing for a fair old while; there is a campaign mode that can be played through with three different races that give you different ships and abilities. There is also a multiplayer mode where you can go online against other players rather than the computer.

So there is a lot to enjoy with Aeon Command. It’s easy to pick up, has a decent amount of strategy to it and will keep you going for a fair old while. Just don’t go in there expecting anything amazingly deep or strategic and you’ll have a good time.

Three stars out of five

Originally published December 24th 2012

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