Ridiculous Fishing: A Tale of Redemption – Review

A review of Ridiculous Fishing: A Tale of Redemption I wrote for the website www.square-go.com

How do you feel about quirk? As independent games have gained a wider audience in the past few years we’ve also had a lot more quirky; quirky music, quirky looking art styles and quirky ideas. And this is good!

We don’t want all our games to be the same, new ideas are exactly what the industry needs to keep moving forward. That is, unless, you don’t like quirky. So when you see a game called Ridiculous Fishing, you know it’s going to be quirky but is this in a good or a bad way?

The game is about, surprise, fishing. You cast your fishing lure into the water which sinks, as it sinks you tilt your phone or tablet left or right to dodge all the fish swimming about. The goal is to get as deep as possible, ideally to the sea bed if you can and if you get there, or touch a fish on the way down, then the lure starts to be pulled back to the surface. This time you want to catch as many fish as possible then once you get to the surface the fish are flung into the air so you can shoot them and every fish you hit gives you more cash.

That’s all there is really to the game; drop the lure, dodge the fish, catch them all on the way up, blow them out of the sky for cash. This cash can then be used to buy more powerful guns, longer lines so you can get even deeper, add items to you lines to assist you, even new clothes for your fisherman.

Its lucky then that Ridiculous Fishing has a lot of quirky charm. The game has a great pixel art style that is simple but great to look at. All the fish have a different style and there are a lot of fish in the four different areas you can take your fishing boat, not to mention the jellyfish. If you catch then shoot a jellyfish then you lose your cash, so you will learn to hate the one jellyfish that splits into two whenever you shoot it. Seriously, that thing is evil.

The controls of the game work well; the developer previously made Super Crate Box for the iPhone, a game which is well regarded as having probably the best ouch screen controls on the device. The lure responds to your movements very well without any sensitivity adjustments needed, the shooting is based on taps or holding down a finger once you’ve bout your first machine gun.

Ridiculous Fishing doesn’t really put a foot (or flipper) wrong; it has tight controls, its simple to pick up and has a great compulsive ’one more go’ feel to it. The only caveat to it is the quirk; if you can put up with a game that gives the main character in the game his own twitter style social media feed to check then this game may rub you up the wrong way.

For the rest of us we’ll be casting out our lines and blasting our fish until our phone batteries run dead yet again.

Four stars out of five

Originally published April 6th 2013


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