Crysis 3 – Review

A review of Crysis 3 I wrote for the website

Running and shooting and jumping and shooting. What you have there is pretty much the pure distillation of the majority of video games, which might explain why first-person shooters (FPS) have given the industry some of the most popular franchises. Crysis 3 is the latest to line up against Call of Duty’s crown of dominance but is it good enough to make the shot and take the number one spot?

First of all, despite this being the third game in the series you don’t have to have played the previous games. Crysis 3 does a good job in filling you in with what has been happening in the previous two Crysis games, namely lots of running around with people being shot some of which are human and some not. This third part brings back some old characters who come with guns to shoot things and mainly has you running around a decaying New York City shooting stuff.

And very well it does this. The Crysis series is well renowned for its graphical capabilities, indeed the developer Crytek claimed that the PC version of this game would ‘meltdown PCs’ if they even dared try playing it on the highest settings. The problem here is that the PlayStation 3 is not a bleeding edge PC so whilst playing you get the feeling that it’s been shoehorned into Sony’s black box and not all of it fits. The great looking vistas occasionally chug along and the game struggles to keep up with everything.

This isn’t a deal breaker, far from it; Crysis 3 has some pretty tight controls that should please the FPS fans. Your main character has access to abilities that make the game fun to play, like turning invisible or being able to kick a car through a bad guy’s face. Add in lots of guns and you end up with a well-crafted game that will be sure to please the FPS crowd.

They should also lap up the multiplayer mode; plenty of different modes of play, great progression system to buff up your character, still being able to kick cars through people’s faces, it’s all there.

What isn’t there is a soul. Crysis 3 is the very definition of a first-person shooter, from the gruff dialogue through to the grey surroundings. It’s a game designed by FPS fans for FPS fans and so it isn’t for everyone. At once it is a well crafted, well-designed experience and as also as bland as magnolia.

But that won’t matter if you’ve played and enjoyed the previous games in the series or just like playing games where you shoot people in the face with guns. Crysis 3 will be lapped up by that crowd and it will sell lots as people wait until the next Call of Duty game arrives. So if you’re that person then the game deserves four stars. But if you’re after a bit more depth, a bit more emotion and a little less kicking of cars through people’s faces then this game is not for you.

Four stars out of five

Originally published April 12th 2012

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