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Big Liars is back. Updates may be infrequent, but they will not stop as long as we see falsehoods in movie posters. This time we tackle an important one. This poster is every bit as iconic as the film it represents. It’s time to get that little green bag, suit up and wear some shades because we’re taking on Reservoir Dogs.

Reservoir Dogs, released in 1992 (Over 20 years ago now!) is the first film by Quentin Tarantino. It became a massive success, despite only having a budget of 1.2 million dollars. It paved the way for Tarantino’s other work; Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, the Kill Bill series, Deathproof, Inglorious Basterds and his latest film Django Unchained. The film is about a jewellery heist gone awry and the criminals return to their safe house, to figure out what went wrong. Most of the film is set in this vacated building, as the audience observes how the team implode due to mistrust, betrayal and paranoia with each other. This leads to violence, sometimes with classic tunes being played in the background. I shan’t go into the plot any further, but it goes without saying that if you are over 18 and yet to see this, I cannot recommend it highly enough. Here is the poster;

Reservoir-Dogs_9woIt’s iconic, it’s stylish, and it’s awesome. It’s also a very simplistic poster, surely there can’t be anything to fault here. Seven figures, all dressed in black suits and shades. All given names of colours as pseudonyms .  Look, there’s Mr Blonde, Mr Brown, Mr White, Nice Guy Eddie, Mr….. wait, what? Nice Guy Eddie? If you have never seen the film (why the hell didn’t you listen to me?) you would obviously know that there is no colour called ‘Nice’, ‘Guy’, or indeed ‘Eddie’. If you have seen the film, you would know that the reason for this is because Eddie technically wasn’t a part of the team who did the robbery. He’s the boss’ son, so he helped organise and recruit the team. There was no chance he was going to be getting directly involved. Furthermore, if you have seen the film, you would have seen Eddie’s fashion tastes. If you haven’t seen the film (still, well…you can go to hell!) here’s what his fashion sense is like;

eddieEddie is the one on the right. As you can see, he wears only the finest in shell suits. It was ’92 after all. In fact, for the entire film, Eddie is only seen wearing shell suits and never the dapper black suit. This makes me wonder… why did they superimpose a stylish suit on him in the poster?

I can understand changing him, because that shell suit looked god awful! Certainly having a character wearing such vile attire would screw up the artistry of the poster. Here they are, the whole team looking smart. But wait a tick, as I said before, he wasn’t a part of the heist team. Wouldn’t it have been easier to just cut him out of the poster completely? Would anyone have noticed his absence from the poster? Especially when you see that his father, the boss- Joe, has been removed from the poster. Look, here’s the same image taken from the film.

reservoir-dogs1He’s right behind Mr Orange. So why do they feel they can cut the boss, but not his son? Maybe it is due to the fact that Chris Penn (Eddie) is given 3rd billing on the poster? However, using that logic Lawrence (Joe aka Bossman) Tierney is credited 5th. Surely you would have thought they could have inserted him into the poster too? Hell, why not give him a suit as well? With all these black suits going around, it’ll be like there’s a sale on at C&A. (Ask your parents)

It is fascinating to wonder why they felt it was ok to cut Joe from the poster, but leave Eddie in with a change in attire. It’s also a mystery which we may never solve, as I doubt Quentin Tarantino has the time to go looking at blogs which discuss movie posters. So I feel after addressing this situation, that I should correct this mistake and bring justice to Joe. For the first time on Big Liars, I have modified the poster to what I think it should have looked like. Here is my effort;

Reservoir-Dogs_mpk copyJust as stylish? There is also a nice symmetry going on, four characters either side of the cast and credit list. How about some compensation to Lawrence now, after being missing for over 20 years on the poster.

Reservoir-Dogs_9 copyLT

What a tag line! How about a final modification. How about we celebrate the fact that it was released in 1992;

Reservoir-Dogs_9shell finalcopyShell suits all round! Happy 21st birthday Reservoir Dogs! What did you think of these modifications? Let me know in the comments below. Until next time…

One thought on “Big Liars in Little Poster Town – Stuck In The Middle With You

  1. Love it. I honestly can not tell you how many times that poster has made me angry. I always wanted to buy it but won’t due to how annoyed Eddie in a suit makes me!


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