Project X – First Impressions

A preview of Project X I wrote for the website

Right, cards on the table; Xenoblade Chronicles is one of the very best games you can get for the Wii. It didn’t have the widest release, hence the prices on eBay, but it was a game that got nearly everything right. From the story, the design of the world, the huge depth, it was and is a proper corker. So how do you fancy having another game from the same designers only now on the more powerful hardware of the WiiU?

Yes please.

Although, this opinion is being stated from a position of almost no authority. Information on the game is scant at best and has been gleaned from a short trailer announcing the game and scraps given out by the developers. Even the name is a guess at this stage, which all helps to make it even more mysterious and enticing.

Project X, to give a name for the sake of this preview, appears to be set in a futuristic alien world full of wide plains and fancy looking cities. It’s here that the upgrade to the HD capabilities of the WiiU really kick in; the promise of the world of Chronicles feels fully realised and developed in this game. It also pushes the sense of scale that the WIi game did; the areas look to stretch out into the horizon, huge structures in the distance enticing you to try and visit them. This is also complemented by the large creatures that stride around the environments, beasts that tower over your character. At least, when your character isn’t in their giant robot suit.

You heard right, because the Japanese Handbook of Video Game Design clearly states that there is only one way to make games better and that is to add giant robots. How customisable these are is pretty much anyone’s guess but it looks like you’ll be able to stomp around in a massive robot which should be more than enough for anyone. But, if that really isn’t enough then they can transform into cars and planes.

The massive world of Xenoblade Chronicles. Transforming robot suits. Giant monsters. This sounds like a recipe for success but with the lack of details about the actual game this should be tempered; the game appears to be set in an open world with lots of other characters running about the place. Does this mean that Project X will be an MMO? Is this just an aspect of the game that supports a single player game? 

No one knows for sure right now but, make no mistake, this game has the potential to be a solid gold classic. This expectation may weigh the game down somewhat considering the praise heaped up Xenoblade Chronicles. It also needs to be considered that more than once in the video game industry has an early video of a game created this expectation then has quickly led to heartbreak: just consider the current state of The Last Guardian as evidence for this.

Nonetheless, as it stands Project X or whatever it will be called is high up the wish list for a lot of people out there, this writer included. One to keep an eye on at the very least.


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