Super Mario 3D World -“ First Impressions

A preview of Super Mario 3D World I wrote for the website

One of the basic foundations of Nintendo’s success is giving their audience what they want.

You want Pokemon? Here they are in every available medium including a couple we came up with just to make some more cash. Another of their skills is giving people what they didn’t even know they wanted in the first place; motion controls anyone? But the final and nastiest skill of theirs is denying an audience what they want, making them wait and teasing them for years if needs be. What has this got to do with Super Mario 3D World for the WiiU?

Because it isn’t Super Mario Galaxy 3. That’s what everyone really wants, given that Galaxies 1 and 2 and a couple of the finest games to every be pressed into an optical disc, put in a plastic box and sold to the public. That’s what everyone wants, which is exactly why Nintendo have gone with an updated version of a 3DS game.


To be fair, the original 3DS game is a corker that came along at a time when that console was in the doldrums. It was a cross between the 2D side scrolling of the New Super Mario Bros series with 3D levels that you could roam about in. It sold lots, was a hit with the critics and helped turn the 3DS into the money making machine it is today.

All of which sounds like a good reason to bring it to the WiiU: the console is in a similar position to where the 3DS was so a Mario game could be exactly the shot in the arm that the machine needs.

Mario 3D World expands on the original game by mainly being bigger; whilst it doesn’t have the 3D capabilities of the 3DS it does bring HD quality graphics to the table. In another nod to the New Super Mario series this game lets four players run about stomping on Goombas, which is the first time for a 3D Mario game. Each character will have different skills, like Peach can jump and float through the air whilst Toad can run the fastest. There are updated power ups including a cat suit, which allows Mario to run around on all fours and climb stuff like a cat.

So the game looks to take all the good stuff from the New Super Mario series whilst opening up the levels into proper 3D-ness. How different it’ll be from the 3DS version is anyone’s guess but it’s still a Mario platform game which are usually, at the very least, incredibly fun and playable so it bodes well for the quality if this game once it gets into the hands of the WiiU owners out there.

How many hands it’ll get into is a very good question. If there is one thing that the WiiU needs now is games, so whilst it’s not exactly the game people want Nintendo will be crossing their fingers that it’ll be the game that the hardware needs to stop the rot it’s been suffering for the last six months.

Still not Galaxy 3 though.

Originally published August 22nd 2013


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