Super Smash Bros – First Impressions

A preview of Super Smash Bros I wrote for the website

Recently this year there was EVO Championship Series, the Mecca for one on one hardcore beat em up competition.

And amongst the Street Fighters and frame cancels and flashy graphics sat a Nintendo game by the name of Super Smash Brothers. This is a fighting game full of Nintendo characters. Wait, what?

The series stretches back into the late nineties with the first being a Japan only N64 release. Since then there has been one on the GameCube and one for the Wii, each release getting a bigger and bigger audience. So at E3 when the latest in the series was announced it was a pretty big deal. The biggest surprise from the announcement was that the game would be on both the 3DS and the WiiU. This makes it the first Smash Bros game to be on a handheld which is nothing if not interesting.

One immediate disappointment is that there won’t be any cross play between the two games. However, this is because the two games will be using different levels; the 3DS will have stages that reference various handheld games whilst the WiiU version will stick to levels based on home console games.

It’s also been hinted that there will be some communication between the two versions; remember the recent version of Monster Hunter? Where you could play on the WiiU and then fire your character over to your 3DS and carry on playing? It sounds like that but exactly how it will work and what data or customisations are transferred aren’t clear.

One sad omission will be the Subspace Emissary missions. These were from the Wii version and were single player missions for you to play through with cut scenes and stories and all sorts. Some may not have totally enjoyed them but there were a very interesting addition to the game. But they won’t be in this version, and why is that? Because people uploaded the cut scenes to YouTube ruining the surprises for other players so that’s another thing ruined by the Internet.

There will still be tons of characters in the game plucked from all aspects of Nintendo, including this year the Training Lady from Wii Fit and the player character from Animal Crossing with his cold, cold dead eyes. Previous games have also included characters from non-Nintendo franchises which this time around is Mega Man from the series of Capcom games.

So what we have with Smash Bros is a beat em up that’s a bag full of fun. Even if they don’t do anything with this game beyond maintaining the usual game mechanics then it’ll be great. The different versions sounds interesting but we have to wait and see to find out if it would be worth investing in the two games.

And the final point that by law has to be mentioned in any WiiU preview; will it help shift consoles? Possibly, but it could potentially backfire and sell even more 3DS boxes. Either way, punching Mario in the face with Kirby is an experience everyone should have at least once.

Originally published September 6th 2013


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