The Conquistabores Episode III: Survivor Series 1995

Back in the ring, its The Conquistabores! Yes, Cameron, Euan, Phil and Geordie Al are taking on the might that is the Survivor Series of 1995. So that means Goldust and The 1 2 3 Kid and a WWF Champion in the form of Diesel. Big Daddy Cool Diesel? Oh God yes. But not only that, you also get a big bit out female Japanese Wrestling. Don’t even ask, just get the show downloaded and listened to then let us know your feedback!

Next week’s show will be the diamond in the rough that is (potentially) WCW’s World War III 1995, so if you want to get involved get the show watched then leave us some feedback on the Facebook group or email at theconquistabores at abadeducation dot com.

To download the show click here, subscribe and leave us a review on iTunes here or if you want the direct rss feed click right here.

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