The PPV Project – The Lost Attitude

As I’ve explained previously in episodes of Conquistabores and in this Tumblr blog, I stopped watching wrestling directly after Wrestlemania 12. For me, being fifteen at that time, watching two guys pretend to hit each other was for kids. I’d outgrown pro wrestling, I walked into my new found love of football (proper football, or ‘soccer’ as you Americans call it).

I’d slowly get back into wrestling three years later once I’d figured that I didn’t give a damn what people thought of my interests. Around King of the Ring 1999 I started to read the results online, usually trying to download short video clips over my 56k connection. When Channel 4 picked up the rights to show some WWF PPV shows here in the UK starting with the 2000 Royal Rumble I was fully immersed again. This does mean I missed the entire Attitude era though, a phase of time which is often referred to as the greatest time to be a fan of pro wrestling.

Now the WWE Network is here in the UK and I’m paying my £10 a month to access the entire back catalogue of shows I thought it might finally be time to catch up and see what I missed all those years ago. Obviously I’ve seen a good chunk of events from that time in package DVD box sets and the like but I’m aiming here to watch all the shows in order and look back on a certain time in the pro wrestling industry when everything seemed to come together. There were a few missteps along the way though as we’re about to see from our first entry ‘In Your House 7: Good Friends, Better Enemies’.


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