1985 in Film – Introduction

30 years is a long time by anyone’s definition. My first son is 10 so he has been alive for a third of that time. People live entire lives, society changes, things change.

30 years ago I was 5 years old, a young child in the middle of a decade full of change. I was at an age where I was first starting to become aware of the culture around me, starting to form attachments with all sorts of things including films.

Now when you’re that young it’s difficult to actually have an opinion or even really take anything in. There’s just stuff that you don’t really understand being fired into your eyes that you either forget about or gets lodged in there forever.

There were a lot of films out on 1985, a year that was voted on some random movie podcast as being one of the best years for films ever. There were good films, bad films and alright films. And as it’s the 30th anniversary since that year why not go back and revisit some of them? Some might have been revisited once too often, some we might find under a thick pipe of dust. Bit let’s take a look and see what we’ve forgotten and what got stuck in there.

Now, given the usual time keeping on this site, this should have started at the beginning of the year with bits posted around the time that films were released. But it hasn’t happened. So expect a load of posts flying at you before we catch up and settle into the backend of the year. And, who knows, we might even carry on and do 1986 as well.


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