Back To The Future

1985 in Film – Back To The Future

Release Date: July 3rd
Box Office: $210,609,762

I took my son to see this film when it was re-relesed in the cinema.

I have the Lego Delorean on my desk at work.

I have the films on my shelf.

I love this film.

What I really love about it is the sense of adventure that comes from the film. The purity of two friends doing something crazy backed by one of the best film scores that have ever been performed.

Oh sure, you can get all snarky about it. You can go ‘it’s a mum trying to rape her son!’ or post an angry video about all the stupid things you see in the film. It’s doesn’t matter because when you boil the film down to it’s nuts and bolts it’s bullet proof.

The story ticks along like a well oiled machine, the performances spark off each other, the effects never swamp the film.

Of course I’m hugely nostalgic for this film. I find myself in the same place as the original film makers. There they were making a film ostensibly about time travel that was really about their childhood in the 1950s. It taps into that same Happy Days vibe that was everywhere from the mid-70s onwards, it shines up the 50s with the same nostalgic glow that the film holds for people of my generation.

As I sit here typing this, if I time travelled back the same number of years that Marty McFly does in the film I’d end up in the 80s. Me talking to my son about the 80s is like my Dad talking to me about the 50s. It’s hard for me to be objective about a film so embedded in the early days of my cultural life. How many Facebook posts have you seen about today being the day that Marty travelled to the future? It’s infused into pop culture in a way few things are, in there as deep as the Psycho music or religion.

The first remains as one of those Perfect Films, from the characters to the design of the film to that film score. The fact that Marty was re-cast weeks into shooting, all the years in development, all the arguments about it’s name only adds to it’s mystique.

Nothing makes me feel quite as old as watching this film again but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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