Star Wars

A Bad Education Thinks About…The New Star Wars Trailer

So, anyone catch that new trailer? That one for that low key new release in some old film series called Star WarsThe Force Awakens I believe it’s called. Not seen much press about it.

I grew up on Star Wars, and this is the point after Return of The Jedi came out and it kind of sank into the background for a few years. That may seem like crazy talk but it’s true, those years between 1983 and the release of the first of the extended universe books in the early 90s were a lean time for a Star Wars fan. You had some comics and some games but it wasn’t until the mid 90s and the lead in to the Special Edition release that things became proper crazy again.

Kind of like it is now. It feels like we’re at peak merchandising right now, what with Yoda branded grapes appearing in America. But whilst the name is everywhere, the access to the film has been limited. Abrams has taken his usual tack and locked everything down: so far we’ve had the teaser, a trailer, a behind the scenes video and now the full theatrical trailer. Compare this to the Marvel approach; usually two months out from a film’s release date there are so many sneak peeks and TV spots and what not that you feel like you’ve seen the whole thing. Not so much with The Force Awakens.

This can be easily illustrated just by considering the music in the trailers: they have yet to really use the big giant opening Star Wars theme. Really. Go back and watch or rather listen. They use it at the end of the teaser when you see the Falcon doing its thing and then…that’s it. There are hints at the famous themes that have become embedded in our culture, but you’d have thought the marketing team would have hay iconic theme blasting out at every available opportunity. But no. A tease, one blast and put it away for a while.

Which is as it should be. God knows I enjoy me some Marvel films but the pre-release cycle for those has become one of dodging plot spoilers left right and centre. One of the great pleasures of life is being surprised by a film, that scene or cameo you didn’t expect. Star Wars, at least film wise, seems to be holding its cards tightly to its chest which is very much appreciated.


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