Prime Time Conquistabores: NXT Takeover London

Say what? Where’s Euan? Al? Why is there only Cameron and Phil?


Due to various scheduling SNAFUs the latest full episode of The Conquistabores hasn’t been recorded. So, instead of keeping you good folks waiting, me and Cameron thought that we’d record a short little episode to fill the gap. A recording that ended up going just as long as one of the regular shows.

Anyway, in this inaugural episode of Prime Time Conquistabores Cameron and Phil chew over the bones of the recent NXT Takeover show in London. Future shows might be on PPVs or interviews or spoken word bits or whatever. It’s just a way for us to mix things up and keep things interesting for yourselves.

So, enjoy the show and if you do let us know on Facebook, on Twitter at @conquistabores or just find one of us and tell us. Or don’t do that. That might be weird.

Find the direct download link for the show here.

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