Prime Time Conquistabores: 2016 Review and World of Sport Special

They said it couldn’t be done! Well, specifically Cameron said it couldn’t be done but here it is: a podcast recorded on a Thursday and posted on a Sunday. And by that I mean three days later, not in the next season.

Yep, 2017 kicks off with no regular podcast organised so instead find a quick stand in episode with Cam and Phil having a good old chat about 2016 and the good things that it had. Which would be just in wrestling as everything else was a bit shit. And then they finish off by having a look at the return of World of Sport, a prime time wrestling show on British TV. Blimey, wrestling back on TV. What a year eh?

A proper show will will soon follow and if it doesn’t then tell us off on Facebook, on Twitter at @conquistabores or somewhere else. An iTunes review would be good, but a positive one please. That would make us all smile.

Find the direct download link to the show here.


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