Prime Time Conquistabores: IconoConquistabores

Prime Time Conquistabores is back! And what better way to celebrate the first anniversary of this show that by having a versus special!

Meaning that was totally planned, and it wasn’t like we recorded it a month ago and Phil had to deal with a house of illness and baby conjunctivitis and has only just got round to the edit and by sheer luck ended up lining up with the posting of episode one.

Anyway. Cam and Phil step into the ring and go one on one (or two on two, even) with Derek and Chris from the Iconochromatic podcast! Two grizzled smart marks versus two baby faced newcomers to the greatest sport of them all? Oh, it’ll be whatever one level is up from a slobberknocker.

You can also find Iconochromatic on Facebook, as you can with the Conquistabores, also remember about our Twitter at @conquistabores, we will start using it properly soon. Promise. As long as you drop us a nice iTunes review. Fairs fair after all.


Find the direct download link to the show here.

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