The Conquistabores Episode XVIII – WCW WrestleWar 1992

Deep in the heart of the Conquistabores, hidden behind secret doors and buried in the casket the Undertaker built for Kamala, is a secret tome that contains the Do’s and Don’ts of The Conquistabores. And right up at the top, even before “Kayfabe, brother”, the Number One Rule is “Never Go Back To Back WCW”.

Well, rules were made to be broken so thats just what we’ve done as we go to WAR with WCW WrestleWar 1992. Yes, we’re talking two rings, ten wrestlers, a pinch of logic and a whole heap of pyro. And we might just about end up with a WCW pay per view that turns out to be…pretty decent? How decent it is you’ll have to listen to the the show as two renegade rule breaking Conquistabores in the form of Cameron and Phil continue their quest to find a good WCW PPV.

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Find the direct download link to the show here.

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