The Conquistabores Episode XX: Starrcade ’83 – A Flair For The Gold

Yes! We’re late; we’ve overcome computers dying, illness, ill timed birthdays and returns from school trips. None of that has stopped The Conquistabores though! And this week we’ve gone back to the beginning (ish) as we take on Starrcade 1983 A Flair For The Gold! That’s right, we’re talking closed circuit TV, no ring entrances and a steel cage! Blood, guts and casual racism! Oh yes, it’s Southern Wrestling in the early 80s and it’s not messing around! Join Euan, Cameron, Phil and Geordie Al as they pick their way through the ground zero of wrestling pay per views.

Sound good? If not let us know on the twitter @conquistabores or do a search for us on Facebook. A review or rating on iTunes would be amazing as well as, goddamnit, its lonely out here on the internet.

Find the direct download link to the show here.

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