The Conquistabores Episode XXI: No Mercy 1999

Happy New Year! Yes, this podcast is a good month (or two late) which is entirely the fault of Phil thanks to a combination of illness, laziness and Christmasness.

Also, he only appears for a short while in this show before his router went the way of Jeff Hardy at the end of TLC II. Speaking of which, the remaining Conquistabores spend this show talking about the WWE pay per view No Mercy 1999 which contained the first Tag Team Ladder match between Edge and Christian and The Hardys. Euan, Cameron and Geordie Al pick their way through the tail end of the Vince Russo era (by which we mean overt sexism and daft gimmick matches) to see a match that shifted the industry. And no, not the Good Housekeeping Match. So, apologies for the delay but you should still have a good time with this one! And if you don’t then listen to it again and try harder next time, okay?

If you still don’t have a good time then let us know on the twitter @conquistabores or do a search for us on Facebook. A review or rating on iTunes as well? Why, that would be an absolute treat.

Find the direct download link to the show here.

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