The Conquistabores Episode XXII: WWF Brawl for All

Welcome back to the new episode of everyone’s (fifteenth) favourite wrestling podcast, The Conquistabores! And this week we’re looking at the pay pew view from…wait, what? We’re doing what? But it isn’t a pay per view? Like, it was on Raw and that but it wasn’t like it’s own show. Are you sure that…you are sure. Great. Right.

WWF Brawl For All it is, then. Yep, the grand Attitude Era dalliance with MMA only it’s just really boxing with a bit of wrestling as you can’t kick and everyone has massive boxing gloves so it’s all a bit dull and that. Join us as we see the careers that were chewed up and spat out by this prime piece of outright stupidity. Come and listen to Phil, Euan and Cameron as they firmly lay the blame for the whole thing firmly at the feet of Geordie Al. Firmly.

Once you’ve listened to the show, fee free to tell us just why it was such a bad idea either on Facebook (search for Conquistabores) or on Twitter (at Conquistabores) or you can sign up to our newsletter at and reply to that. See? A veritable cornucopia of ways to contact us and say that Al is a idiot.

Find the direct download link to the show here.

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