The Conquistabores Episode XXXIX: NXT TakeOver Brooklyn

It’s time again for a very special podcast and this isn’t the usual Phil trying to think of something to write for the podcast description kind of hyperbole, nope we mean actual special because this week we have a very special guest in the shape of The Franchise Player of Target Wrestling, Shady Nattrass! Thats right, we have an actual wrestler on our show, someone who actually knows what he’s talking about! And he’s here to talk about NXT TakeOver Brooklyn with Cam, Euan and Phil. But you can just ignore them and listen to Shady instead, just brace yourself for a quite frankly staggering increase in stories about traveling with other wrestlers and actual logic.

You can follow Shady on Twitter, check out his YouTube series Pro Wrestling is Real Life and also follow his Facebook page Project Wrestling Unity. You can also search for Conquiarbores on Facebook and Twitter and most other places, but why bother when you can follow Shady instead?

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