The Conquistabores Episode XLI: Money In The Bank 2011

Oh good Lord, was this a show. Not necessarily for the content, which I’m sure is as good as always, but more for the rampant technical issues. Discord fell over mid record, Skype issues, all sorts which all made for a fun edit for Phil. But’ve still got a show out of it, and it’s about a cracker of a PPV in the shape of Money in The Bank 2011 Well, it has a cracker of a main event but we’ll get to that in the show. So join Euan, Cam, Phil and Geordie Al who duck and dive and generally batter their way through everything recording over the internet can throw at them to deliver you another cracking episode of The Conquistabores!

Despite Discord stabbing us in the back, we’re still meaning to open that up for everyone which we will get to when we can be bothered. In the meantime, make sure to follow us on all the usual Twitters and Facebooks to get all the update

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