The Conquistabores Episode XLVIII: Survivor Series 1991

A bit delayed again (there was something to blame but I forget now) but never mind; once again we’re rocking up at the Joe Louis Arena this time for the glory of Survivor Series 1991! Witness the glory of Ric Flair’s knock off belt! Gasp at the death (ish) of Hulkamania! Then ask what the hell we’re thinking as we roll straight the sequel PPV This Tuesday In Texas! Yes, its a 2 for 1, which is a great deal right? I mean, the quality of the shows are somewhat suspect so as deals go its not that great but the best you’re going to get from us. So, Join Cam, Al and Hot Sauce Geordie Al for a journey through deepest darkest WWF in the early 90s and, in all its neon glory.

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