Basically, we’re all geeks. We all geeks of a generation that has, somehow, taken over the world. We’re the kind of people that can’t do maths but can name most of the original TNG cast. Whose textbooks growing up were comics. We want to celebrate the pop culture that we love and that inspired us then and now.

The old that is so old that it’s now the new. The new that will become the old we love. Lessons we learned and those we can teach.

The bad education that we wouldn’t be without.

The current members;

EvilNinjaPhil aka Phil Doyle works in insurance and lives in the UK. He is the current co-host of the Lethal Watching and Sonic’s Ring podcasts. He used to be able to name The Seven Samurai in order of appearance.

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Gerard Boyle aka chuppachup is an Irishman who only speaks the truth. He has an unhealthy love of singing 80s music and can speak one language. He thinks Super Mario Bros was a good film, so shut up!

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Martin Kilbane is a self-confessed geek, who has a passion for comedy. He has a BSc degree in Electronic Engineering, which he doesn’t use. He prefers to spend his time making bad jokes, funny videos, playing games and reading comics and books. You can stalk him on twitter, or alternatively, go to Nottingham and do it the old fashioned way.

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Ryan1138 aka Ryan Holland drives a forklift truck and has a degree in films. In between trips to the cinema and playing Modern Warfare 2 he does very little.

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the doyouinverts are the Musical Consultants for the website. They produce some of the finest songs to grace the internet as can be found here and we are honoured by their presence.

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