The Conquistabores Episode XLIV: Starrcade BattleBowl 1992

The Conquistabores are nothing if not tenacious and part of that is the dream that we will, one day, find a really good WCW pay per view. I mean, they must be out there right? The company lasted for ages so people liked it so they must have put on at least one really good show, right? Keep this in mind as you listen to this new episode which is on WCW Starrcade 1992 Battlebowl The Lethal Lottery II. Yes, there’s a lot to unpack there but, spoilers, we only have one ring so things might not be that bad. Might. Join Phil, Cam, Euan and Geordie Al as they once again go down south (as it were) trying to find that elusive top ten WCW pay per view. Or, just wait until you hear Geordie Al’s new nickname and skip the rest. Or don’t, just give it a listen thanks!

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