Treasure Hunter – Prototype

Although largely eclipsed by the PS3 exclusive Infamous which got slightly better scores in reviews, this cross platform open world title is one of the best game playing experiences I have enjoyed in a number of years. You play as Alex Mercer who has lost his memory and been infected by a mysterious plague spreading across the city of New York.

You begin the game battling the army with an array of super powers which allow you to run up buildings, shape shift, throw huge objects and eat people who also gain Alex health. This serves as a taste of things to come as after this initial level you are stripped of most of your powers acquiring more through missions or levelling up with XP.

This is where the fun really begins as you gain claws, hammerfists, blade, shield or my personal favourite, whipfist, which turns your arm into a freakish long black spaghetti like appendage which you can use to whip opponents, grab objects or pull yourself up to helicopters.

Alex Mercer whipfists a helicopter

You gradually piece together parts of your story through cut scenes as well as by consuming certain characters placed around the city. You can also gain specific knowledge such as the ability to fly a helicopter by consuming a helicopter pilot.

The missions are nicely varied and enemies become increasingly difficult and monstrous as you progress. Along with the infected you battle the army who you can eat, throw, or disarm, using their own weapons against them. They will also send in tanks and helicopters which you can commandeer or smash to pieces. Army bases are dotted around the city, which you can infiltrate by consuming army personnel and assuming their identities. Or else, if you enjoy a challenge, storm in and face everything the military can throw at you.

If eating people or driving tanks weren’t enough there are multiple side missions dotted around the city. Each New York landmark has an orb atop it for you to collect and there are a seemingly infinite amount of mini challenges rewarding you with extra XP and achievements depending on your skill level.

The only criticism I can make of this game concerns the graphics which in the current climate are slightly disappointing. The hives which you attack throughout the game look a little basic, most streets look the same and the civilians wandering around are repeated quite frequently. But New York’s landmarks look great and once you level up enough all is forgiven, as Alex is one of the greatest characters you will ever play as with some fantastic abilities. My favourite of which by far is the tendril barrage devastator.

You can pick up Prototype for around £12 and for that price you really can’t go wrong. There are hours of entertainment from this game. And to reiterate, Alex Mercer is one of the most fun characters you will ever play as. Ever. Get it played.

2 thoughts on “Treasure Hunter – Prototype

  1. I really liked this review even though its a little late. This game was released ages ago. I do think the writer of this review must be very handsome and not in the slightest bit gay. The tone the writer uses makes me think he still lives with his dad and is scared of horses. I like this website. X


  2. “Although largely eclipsed by the PS3 exclusive Infamous which got slightly better scores in reviews”

    I think Infamous got 8.7s and Prototype got 8.1s. Prototype significantly outsold inFamous (it was multiplatform, granted) by about 2:1. If it’s an eclipse it’s a partial lunar eclipse on a cloudy night.


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