The Conquistabores Episode XL: The Best Music Per Decade

It’s time for a chat about wrestling! And what with it being Easter what better time than to discuss the Best Entrance Music For Each Decade! Not every decade, like from the 80s because (as we all know) there was no wrestling before Hulk Hogan. At least thats what Al keeps telling us so it must be true, he wouldn’t lie. Anyways, he turns up for most of this podcast to join Euan, Cam and Phil to chat about their favourite music and what they think defined each decade. And we might even get a bit of community feedback as well.

Speaking of community, this was the first show we’ve recorded via discord so hopefully the quality will still be okay, and we’re also about to open the discord for one and all so keep your eyes on our Facebook and Twitter as we’ll be throwing up the link very soon!

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